5 reasons your business should consider outsourcing marketing materials distribution

5 reasons your business should consider outsourcing marketing materials distribution

Marketing materials distribution is complex; delivery alone requires effective packing, dispatch, order handling, delivery and more. The benefits of outsourcing distribution are numerous:

1.     Save on costs

By handing over choice of delivery options, boxes, wrap and warehousing, you’re guaranteed to save time and money by outsourcing your marketing materials distribution. Trusting a logistics expert to deliver your goods ensures items arrive on time, via a reliable courier and from a centralised location, drastically reducing your overheads.

2.     Improve efficiency

Throughout the year, your distribution requirements will change; special offers and quieter periods will mean inventory levels and distribution volumes will peak and trough. Outsourcing makes handling seasonal changes easy, as it’s dealt with remotely and any distribution strategy is tailored to your needs, so you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

3.     Focus on you

Understanding international shipping, customs regulations and other intricacies of distribution takes time and expertise. Even packing boxes takes staff away from their core tasks and diverts precious time that could be better spent growing your business. Logistics experts know distribution inside-out, so utilise that knowledge for your benefit and use your own time to concentrate on your core business activities.

4.     Be greener

More and more businesses are working to reduce their carbon footprint and many expert logistics companies can help you with greener distribution strategies. Distribution hubs ensure your materials travel fewer miles, while IT solutions that monitor stock levels in real time cut down on waste.

5.     Get ahead of the competition

Utilising the expertise of a logistics partner allows you to dispatch marketing materials on demand, monitor stock levels and ensure your distribution strategy is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. The savings made through outsourcing your marketing materials distribution translate into tangible benefits for your business, so you can maintain your competitive edge.

Sprint Logistics marketing materials distribution

From local markets to international shipping, Sprint Logistics has the expertise, infrastructure and technical capabilities to support your business’ distribution needs. Our extensive distribution network covers over 200 countries with flexible services designed to suit you, whether you’re sending a one-off shipment or ongoing campaigns.

Contact us today to find out how our warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions can support your business.

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